The Upright Work Tray is a high performance work station, with a sleek design, that promotes better ergonomic position, as well as enhancing the overall tattoo experience. The work tray allows you to bring your pallet closer to your client, so you can tattoo with greater efficiency, better containment of spills, more leg room, and off the floor mounting for saving valuable, much needed space in your tattoo area. You will find this design should have been introduced to the industry a long time ago. we now have a tray thats built for us and all of our various applications.


The tray allows you to work closer to your client while reducing harmful repetetive motion due to old work station standards

  • 304 series stainless steel that is easy to clean and durable for many years to come.
  •  Allows better containment of spills from ink caps, rinse cups and so on.
  • Portable options for the artist or professional on the go
  • No more legs or caster weels interfering with your leg room or tattoo furniture
  • Professional Tattoo Artist tested and approved
  • Made by Tattoo Artists for Tattoo Artists